Art Talk: Guest Artist Denise M. Schanz

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Art Talk: Guest Artist Denise M. Schanz

Art Talk: Guest Artist Denise M. Schanz

Artist Lecture Series

Wednesday, July 31

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

One day workshops, All Ages

About the Artist: Denise M. Schanz is a sculptor, working in stone, wood, steel, iron and bronze. She studied Architecture and Urban Planning, which led her in the direction of sculpture. During her formative years, Schanz traveled to Cuba, Russia, Australia, Europe, Hawaii and Sri Lanka where she experienced sacred lands, spaces of churches and temples, thus enriching and informing the content of her work. In Schanz’s own words, “I am a carver of stone and wood and cast in iron and bronze. My work is the result of intrinsic listening and researching the anatomy of the ear bone structures, decoding, interpreting and connecting to something larger than life.“ When searching for blocks of stone or discarded live edge wood to carve, the process is reciprocal: As she “finds” the stone or wood, it ”finds” her. “This is when the dialog and the dance begins”. A form will emerge, evolve, pull itself out of its cocooned block of stone or wood. “The pace is meditative, quiet, inquisitive and trusting. I am stretching the stone as I would imagine the sounds of bells or singing bowls tapering off to the distance. A reverence between myself and the form has changed places. I am the form and the form becomes me!”

Upcoming Classes

Thursday, August 22, 2024

A Night of Pouring Paint & Wine

with Cindy Haase


One day workshops, Adults

A Night of Pouring Paint & Wine with Cindy Haase, $45 per person ($42 PAC member) All supplies and one glass of wine included!

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Saturday, August 24

Kids on Canvas for Ages 4-11

August Theme: Swimming Sea Lion

11 am or 1 pm

One day workshops, Youth

Kids on Canvas guides young painters in creating beautiful art with ease.

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Saturday, Sept. 21

Free Event for Kids Ages 5+

Book Reading, Signing, and Illustration

10am to 11:30am

One day workshops, Youth

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